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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Edit Site Map September 27, 2010

Posted by jarrettexpertcrm in Microsoft CRM General.
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For those that are exploring the new beta CRM 2011 know that a lot has changed. One of the things I wanted to play around with was Site Map editing to see what was different from CRM 4.0. CRM 2011 now has a new feature called “Solutions” which pretty much took over the role of import/export customizations in 4.0. My first efforts were to create a “Solution” and add the Site Map client extension to it. Then, export the Solution, unzip the folder, open Site Map in notepad, make changes, and import back in. Failed. Hmmm ok, let me try and import the original zipped export i did. Success. Ok so basically I could import the original zip file just not one I unzipped. So then i right clicked on zipped folder, selected open with Winzip, modified the sitemap, save and close. Imported successfully. Basically what I see is it needed the orginal export, not a duplicate copy. Im sure there are multiple other ways of doing this so please post to this with other options.

Hope this helps!
– JC

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1. Jos Geenen - April 5, 2011

The sitemap can also be changed by using the Webservice, see the example code at http://www.resultondemand.nl/support/blog/post/Change-the-sitemap-content-programmatically-in-CRM-2011-(MSCRM).aspx

jarrettexpertcrm - April 9, 2011

I will look at that- thanks for the tip!

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