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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Removing commas in integer field September 2, 2010

Posted by jarrettexpertcrm in Microsoft CRM General.
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Sometimes it is necessary to have int fields without the commas. Place the following code onload:
if(crmForm.all.fieldname != null && crmForm.all.fieldname.DataValue != null)
crmForm.all.fieldname.value = crmForm.all.fieldname.DataValue;

Thats all it takes. Enjoy!

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1. stam - November 3, 2010

very handy – thanks for posting!

jarrettexpertcrm - November 27, 2010

Your Welcome! Im glad my post was able to help you


2. RB - March 24, 2011

that works great on forms. What about getting it to display in grids this way ?

jarrettexpertcrm - March 24, 2011

not quite sure what you mean. If you save the form after the code fires and removes the commas, the data should save in that format and display in the grid view

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